Learn absolutely everything you need to take your drone photography game to the next level to ultimately get bigger paying clients, set up your own print shop and grow your Instagram page like crazy with yours truly, Jord Hammond
Learn absolutely everything you need to take your drone photography game to the next level to ultimately get bigger paying clients, set up your own print shop and grow your Instagram page like crazy with yours truly, Jord Hammond

Have you ever dreamed of...

Taking a spontaneous trip to Indonesia to drone the majestic rice terraces in Bali? Or how about to capture aerial photos over one of the few pink beaches in the world in Flores?

The Tulou houses in China? Or the seaweed farmers in Nusa Lembongan?
What’s holding you back? Worried you’ll take the trip and not be able to nail the shot? I get it. There’s nothing like being in a spectacular location with your drone, only to realize you’ve wasted 20+ minutes trying to capture THE shot and now your drone is out of battery life and you’re stuck with aerial photos that look like your 10-year old nephew took them.

What if you could take the trip with confidence?

Imagine how it would feel to…

  • Be confident when you fly your drone no matter where in the world you are
  • ​​Understand the ins and outs of aerial composition, so that your next drone photo isn’t mindlessly scrolled past by your Instagram followers
  • ​Know how to make the most out of the drones camera capabilities, whichever drone you fly with
  • ​​Edit your aerial photos like a pro so that you don’t spend hours on them only to hate the edit and have to start over again
  • ​Create your very own drone photography presets so you know they will work with every aerial shot you take (hell - and maybe even sell them too)
  • ​​Take your travel photography to the next level and have followers knocking at your Instagram door when they see the quality of content you share
  • ​​Turn your passion into a career and offer potential clients both camera and drone photography services, so that you can quit your 9-5 pronto. 
It sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, it’s not. I promise.

Since first flying a drone in 2017, I have become a confident drone photographer. My aerial photos have been used for tourism board campaigns for Slovenia, Hong Kong and Japan, to name a few. I’ve exhibited my drone photos at internationally-renowed photography festivals. And, I even work with DJI to test out the photographic capabilities of new drones before they hit the market.

But I didn’t start out that way.

This is more like where I started… 
maybe it sounds a little familiar? 

You’ve just got the hang of camera photography, and drone photography seems very overwhelming to say the least
You can’t afford the latest DJI Mavic 3, and don’t know what other options are available
You’re too scared to bring your drone on your travels because you don’t want to get in trouble abroad
You’ve tried your trusty presets on your drone photos and they just don’t work
Your drone photos look great when you’re in the air but when you get the photos over to your laptop they look flat as f*** and you don’t know what to do with them or how to bring them to life
You can’t get your head around how to compose an aerial photo so that it’s interesting to look at and tells a story
Like I said, I get it. When I first started out with drone photography, I was full of doubt and I absolutely sucked at it. Don’t get me wrong, flying was so much fun, but the photos I was capturing were just not up to the level I wanted. What I was viewing in the live feed on the controller and the compositions I was imagining just never panned out. 

Let me guess...

  • You’ve already tried watching YouTube videos claiming to be THE editing know-how’s, but you learned nothing new and if anything, they’ve just disheartened you more
  • ​You’ve asked for tips from your favourite drone photographers, but without seeing exactly how they take aerial photos, it’s difficult to implement what they say
  • ​You’ve tried to teach yourself, but don’t see your aerial photos improving at all, and don’t know where to go next

Fear not! I'm here to help...

I’m about to share 5+ years of drone photography and editing experience with you. Get ready to learn my step-by-step process that I use in every single one of my drone photoshoots to guarantee beautiful photos every flight I take. And on top of that, you’ll get my editing roadmap which will take your photos from good to incredible in no time.

Now before I tell you exactly what you’ll learn in my signature online course, let’s address the elephant(s) in the room…

  • *I still haven’t got my camera photography up to scratch yet, so why would I invest in something to improve my drone photography*
It doesn’t have to be one or the other. Why not tackle both!? That’s what Harry did, and now he gets contacted by tourism boards around the world because he can take amazing photos with both his camera and his drone. Drone photography is in HUGE demand right now. 
  • *The past couple of years have been tough and I don’t have the spare cash to be investing in my photography right now*
I get it - when I was at the beginning of my photography journey, cash was tight, and I probably wouldn’t have been chuffed to spend money on a course of all things. However, investing in yourself is one of the most profound ways to make a change in your life. Danvarsh invested in his photography through one of my programs last year, and just landed his first paid gig with an incredible igloo resort in Finland. And guess what, they LOVED the drone photos he took there… 
  • *I need to buy a better drone than the one I have before I think about learning how to use it…*
The best drone is the one you currently have. You are much better off learning how to actually take and edit great photos with the drone you have, before you spend thousands on upgrading it… IMO ;) Kieran has been flying with the DJI Mini 2 for the past year, and his photos are breathtaking.
  • *Even if I took a good photo, I don’t know how to edit it*
The skill (yes, skill) of editing doesn’t just come to you overnight. You learn it and then you practice it and perfect it. And I’m here to teach you everything I know about editing drone photos. Because it is truly my favourite part in the photography process. And it’s not as difficult as you think! You just need a computer (or a phone) and I’ll show you the rest. Just like I showed Beau my tips and tricks for editing like a pro, and now his photography business is thriving.

Say Hello To...

A comprehensive and interactive online course to ultimately teach you how to take and edit better drone photos. With DIRECT & exclusive access to ME personally inside our Drone Photography Accelerator community. Yes, literally me.

Because content is the most important factor when it comes to Instagram and your Photography Business success.

Nail content, and the rest will follow.



Dynamically compose your aerial photos like a pro
Create photos that will stop the scroll of your Instagram followers and increase your IG reach
Understand the drone camera and it’s capabilities
So that you’re never wondering why your drone photos don’t look sharp AF
Edit your aerial photos to give them the ‘wow factor’ you always see on Instagram
Bringing your drone photos to life is all done with the editing, my friend
Travel with your drone with ease
Because we all know that the rules and regulations around the world can be near impossible to navigate
Confidently pitch to clients and make some money from your beautiful drone photos
Aerial photography is constantly needed by potential clients, and I’ll teach you how to monetise them with ease. 

Take A Look At What We'll Cover...

Module 1 - WELCOME

You'll get ready to understand:

Why drone photography is such an important skill to nail as a travel photographer if you want to improve your craft and maybe even make some money from your photos

That drone crashes happen to the best of us… even me

Module 2 - The Gear

You'll get clarity on:

The gear you need in order to take your drone photos to the next level (spoiler alert - you don’t need to invest in the newest drone to create the best images)

The only accessories you need to add to your gear list and why they’re so important

What it looks like to be taking aerial photos on a budget


You'll analyze and identify:

How to fly a drone safely so that you can feel confident when you take to the skies

What to do (and what not to do) when travelling with your drone so that stress levels are minimised and flight time maximised

How to find beautiful locations to photograph (I might even share my Google Maps drone pins with you, too)

Module 4 - Camera Settings & Shooting Techniques

You'll walk away with:

The technical knowledge to help you take better drone photos, from shooting the perfect panorama, to single shots and burst mode.

A complete understanding of perfecting composition with your aerial photos, because composition is one of the most important aspects of photography

Module 5 - Videography Techniques

You'll master:

What makes a successful short form drone Reel so that you can put your video skills to the test to ultimately grow your Instagram account

The professional videographer know-how with an exclusive interview from one of the best in the game 

Module 6 - Editing Techniques

You'll dive deep into:

The techniques I use to turn the RAW image into a photo that stops people in their tracks

The ways you can utilise Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to transform your photos whilst still keeping them looking realistic

The noise reduction hack that everyone wants to know

In the field...


Module 7 -  Lago Di Braies

You'll come with me and discover:

How to put a unique twist on a popular ‘Instagram spot’ so that you come away from your trip with stand-out content

How to shoot and stitch together panoramas to make sure you’re able to capture the entire scene before you

How to shoot a variety of different photos in one location so that you have more than one Instagram post at the end of the trip

Module 8 - Lake Bled

You’ll put into practice:

My top tips for maximising your aerial shoots so that you come away with more than 1 composition

The art of stylising your photos in post-processing so that they are distinctly YOU


You’ll (virtually) venture to Bali to understand:

The ways in which you can use light and shadows to further compliment your aerial composition

How to compose an interesting photo from a birds eye perspective

The power of using a clearly defined subject in your top-down photos

Module 10 - Kusamba Salt Farmers

You’ll end the day with:

A clear understanding of how to use shadows to bring another element into your photography

How to bring ‘dark’ photos to life in post-processing


You’ll join me on my first ever visit to this area, where:

You’ll learn my tips and tricks for location scouting as I’m exploring a new location

You’ll experience first hand how I plan and execute a shoot in a place I haven’t ever been to before

And if that wasn't enough...


(Value $500) This program includes my drone photography composition guide, the aerial photography kit list, trip planner template, consistency guide, ND filter cheat sheet and much more! 

More Bonuses


(VALUE $750)

This is where the magic happens! Upon purchase, you will be welcomed into this elite Facebook group for 12 months. Share your journey and receive the support & accountability from myself and your fellow photographers. Many of my students didn't realise the value of the Facebook group until they joined. 


(VALUE $750)

If any questions from the Facebook group need more explanation — they’ll happen here. These scheduled live training sessions with me (usually held on Zoom) bring aspects of coaching and Q&A to each session. Many students have stated that the live sessions alone are worth the investment!


(VALUE $500)

We have monthly photography/editing challenges in the Facebook group to keep everyone feeling creative with some great photography prizes too. Our first monthly challenge will be in partnership with DJI and there will be 2 x DJI Mavic 3’s up for grabs! Students only ;)


Bonus #4 Exclusive Drone Preset Pack

(Value $100)
My never-before-released Drone Preset Pack will be yours if you joined the waitlist prior to enrollment. I used these exact presets as the base for many of my most well known drone photos, and I can’t wait to see how they transform your photos, too.

BONUS #5 The Chance to Win a DJI Mavic 3

(Value $2000)
If you were on the waitlist AND enrolled in the program, your name will be put into a giveaway and one of you will win a brand new DJI Mavic 3. This is totally separate from the first monthly challenge mentioned above, so we have 3 x Mavic 3’s up for grabs total!

Total Value: $5600
Regular Price: $999


Pay In Full
4 Monthly Payments
10 Monthly Payments


Did I Mention It's Risk-Free?

The ‘Build Your Business,’ No-Hassle Guarantee
The Drone Photography Accelerator comes with a 100% guarantee... But it doesn't just stop there. That’s because I understand the risk of investing in a digital product before you’ve seen it. (Especially as photographers – you and I both know that seeing is believing.)

Here’s my promise to you – I promise that you will view drone photography and editing in a completely new light with all kinds of new knowledge. You will have increasingly more confidence when it comes to flying and taking photos with your drone, and you’ll be comfortable with being able to take your flat, RAW photos and turn them into something magical in post-processing.
There's a good reason I’m a successful photographer – I take your passion very seriously because I whole-heartedly believe that photographers have the power to do so much good in the world. Our world needs photographers like you. This program was created to give you the clarity, the tools, and the support you need to take your aerial photography to the next level, whether that be with the aim of growing your Instagram audience, making money from your done photos or simply for the fun of it.

That’s why as you dig in and prior to consuming 20% of the material within the first 14 days of enrolling, if you can show me you have implemented what you have learned and haven’t found the program worth your investment, you can ask for a full refund, as I would not feel right keeping your money. This course was created for you to succeed, and I stand by my word to make that happen.


You May Be Wondering...


You May Be Wondering...

 Is this course live or recorded?
It's both!

The course itself is recorded, giving you the ability to watch, pause, re-listen, and complete at your own pace. This ensures all my teachings are concise and easy to find. You'll also get additional print-off PDFs throughout the course to accompany the video lessons.

You'll then see me consistently in our private Facebook group to offer up real-time insights, as well as monthly live sessions to get your questions answered. Between the two components, you will receive the content, knowledge, and support needed to reach your photography goals.
Will I ACTUALLY get personal attention from you, Jord?
Being in touch with my community is one of the biggest contributors that has led to my success – it's part of my brand and that will never change. I've had many students choose to enroll in my courses solely because of my approachable and 'giving back' demeanor. You will constantly receive my support in our private Facebook group (it's one of my favourite places to hang out!) with any personalized responses and attention needed to help YOU take your drone photography to the next level.
What if I don’t have a drone yet?
I’ll be honest, if you’re going to take this course, I would recommend investing in a drone. There are budget options available which we look into in Module 2 of the program. However, if you haven’t got the funds to buy a drone outright yet, why not look at renting one whilst you are on a trip, or borrowing a friends at home to learn the basics?
What can I expect once I join?
First, let's virtual fist bump because you've just joined a wonderful community of humans who are committed to supporting your aerial photography journey. Next, you will receive immediate access to the course, as well as the private Facebook group. So jump into the group, say hello, and feel free to introduce yourself... plus you have full access to get started immediately with Module One, even if you opt for the payment plan option.
Will we learn about videography in the DPA, or is it purely photography?
Whilst I am no means an expert in drone videography, I am friends with many who are! In Module 5, you’ll find a Q&A’s with one of my favourite drone videographers, where I ask him the questions you’ve always wanted to know. We also cover the basics of drone videography, particularly short-form video for Reels!

To Recap, With The DRONE Photography ACCELERATOR, You Get:

 6 Laser-Focused Modules on the Technicalities of Drone Photography & Editing
(valued at $1500)
 5 Deep-Dive Modules Where We Put Everything We Have Learned So Far Into Action
(valued at $2000)
 EXCLUSIVE: Drone Photography Starter Kit (templates, guides, presets)
(valued at $1000)
 BONUS: Private Facebook Group
(valued at $750)
 BONUS: Monthly Group Coaching Sessions
(valued at $750)
 BONUS: Monthly Facebook Live Challenges
(valued at $500)
 BONUS: Drone Photography Preset Pack
(valued at $100)
 BONUS: DJI Mavic 3 Giveaway
(valued at $2000)
Total Value: $5600
Regular Price: $999


Pay In Full
4 Monthly Payments
10 Monthly Payments

The Bottom Line...

It's true what they say...

If nothing changes, nothing changes

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I don’t beat around the bush. I’ll always be brutally honest. And the truth is that, sure, you can try to do this alone. But here’s what happens when people choose this route: they continue to travel a few times a year, droning once or twice per trip and taking average photos, but their photos just don’t have the wow-factor that they see in their favourite photographers work. They keep trying to edit their photos in Lightroom to bring them to life, but their limited Lightroom knowledge just isn’t cutting it, and they don’t know where to go from there. And don’t even mention Photoshop…

Because without the proper direction and support, you’ll be wasting time, wasting money, battling the Histogram and as a result, your aerial photos aren’t bringing in the Instagram followers and paid work that you deserve.

When you join me and your fellow aerial photographers inside The Drone Photography Accelerator, you will know exactly what you need to focus on to improve your aerial photography and editing ten-fold. The exact step-by-step process is meticulously laid out for you. You’ll feel confident when travelling with your drone, confident flying it, and confident in your editing cave afterwards, too.

Ultimately, you’ll know how to leverage yourself as a professional aerial photographer, and you’ll have the motivation and know-how to use this newfound skill to make a huge change in your lifestyle.
And I’ll have your back every step of the way…